Our Mission

Formule Raw began in my home kitchen.  I was eager to provide my dogs with the best, so I started formulating their diet on my own. As my passion for canine diets grew, so did my knowledge; a few years later, Formule Raw hit the shelves. As a dog nutrition specialist, I am thrilled to be able to provide a natural, balanced diet to my own dogs, as well as yours.

Our goal at Formule Raw is to provide our canine companions with a biologically appropriate raw diet. This consists of natural, locally-sourced ingredients, each approved for human consumption. We produce a quality diet to help owners provide a raw, natural and complete meal for their furry friends, without the fuss.

Why Raw?

Dogs have evolved from wild animals to the domesticated loved ones we cherish today. Their basic physiology has barely changed, and we at Formule Raw believe in feeding them a diet which more accurately mimics their past eating habits. Our goal is to provide a balanced biologically appropriate raw diet made primarily of meat products that supplies your pet with the food their body requires.

Feeding a raw diet to your pet with allergies, fatigue or an overall weak immune system could be the solution you are seeking for them. As an owner, you’ll benefit from the convenience of a simple feeding regimen and peace of mind that your pet is well taken care of.

Benefits of a Raw Diet

Our various blends of dog food all include exclusively human-grade meat products and organs such as hearts, liver, kidneys, and green tripe. These ingredients each have a role to play in your dog’s health. Green tripe, for example, provides valuable digestive enzymes, which will strengthen your dog’s digestive system, as well as help remove toxins and parasites from their blood. As in any balanced diet, fruits and vegetables play a key role. Wild dogs and wolves are known to eat grass and berries when they are available. Every fruit or vegetable found in our mix helps fight an array of health issues, and provide antioxidants, aid in sharpening eyesight, as well as an overall improved oral hygiene (cleaner teeth and better breath!), as well as providing different vitamins and minerals not found in a strictly meat diet.

Our Standards

At Formule Raw, we pride ourselves in using high quality human-grade ingredients in all of our recipes. All of the products used are hormone and antibiotic free. In addition, all of our suppliers meet the strict standards set forth by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and by the Ministère de l’Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l’Alimentation (MAPAQ). By supporting local farms who also pride themselves in using sustainable practices, we are able to closely monitor the quality of all the products used in our pet’s food. This close relationship has allowed us to maintain a consistent, affordable, high quality pet food that all our clients love.


We know it’s not enough to simply buy high quality ingredients for our pet food. The process in which we transform these products and the materials used in this transformation are of equal importance to the final product as the ingredients themselves. This is why Formule Raw is approved by the Ministère de l’Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l’Alimentation (MAPAQ) for pet food production. The MAPAQ is a government organization which regulates the standards of practice for all types of food production. Their regulations are all based on human grade ingredients and transformation practices. This assures that our facility, as well as the materials used, all meet the strict guidelines set forth by MAPAQ for human grade consumption.